How to use this guide

This guide has evolved over a couple of years to the point it is too big for its original purpose, showing the newbie what to do.  Thus many of the web pages developed might better be characterized as intermediate-level information and may overload the newbie in her, or his, initial search for information.

Two versions of this guide are available. 

  1. Newbie (default version): If you are a newbie, I suggest you work through the simpler version of this document.  This version is aimed at overclocking without much detail. You can come back later and work through the more advanced version if you wish. 
  2. More Experienced User: If you have some experience with overclocking, the more advanced version is built in an effort to provide you with details to allow an understanding of why you are doing the things you do.  Click here to use the more advance Table of Content.  In this case you may want to move around in the guide using the Table of Content to look at subjects that interest you.  Of course the newbie can use this version too but it will most likely require a detailed read through the whole document to both understand and overclock.